These resources provide many methods for gathering evidence about student learning.


Assessing Student Learning Outcomes, University of Washington
This site provides information on the relationship between assessment and student learning outcomes, a general framework for assessment, measuring outcomes, ways of Assessing learning outcomes - general considerations, ways of assessing learning outcomes - specific techniques, and enduring problems.

Undergraduate outcomes assessment, University of Colorado, Boulder
Assessment methods used by academic departments and programs.

Classroom Assessment Techniques
An overview of techniques to collect student feedback on how well students are learning what they’re being taught

Classroom Assessment Techniques, Center for Excellence in Teaching, USC
Frequently asked questions about Classroom Assessment Techniques. A selection of techniques. Selective bibliography on classroom assessment techniques.

Examples of Rating Scales
Rubric for Student Research Papers
Rubric for Research Papers

Quantitative Assessment Program, UW-Madison
The program for assessing quantitative and verbal proficiencies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ball State University
Writing competency sample questions in Business, Education, General, Liberal & Fine Arts, Science & Technology, and Social Studies.

Assessment That Promotes Learning, John P. Lowe
From the Penn State Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Guidelines for developing evaluation valuation Checklists: The Checklists Development Checklist (CDC), Daniel L. Stufflebeam, Western Michigan University Evaluation Center Checklist Project
Excellent guidelines and information on creating checklists that define the critical goals and criteria by which a program is to be assessed.

Guidelines for Program Assessment: Goal Attainment: What are the indicators and/or measures of goal attainment?
From, Developing an Assessment Plan for Your Program
A "Ten Step Plan" was developed by the National Center for Postsecondary Teaching, Learning and Assessment (NCTLA) at Pennsylvania State University. It is reproduced by permission of NCTLA.

University of Wisconsin
Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) – Overview
The Classroom Assessment Techniques -- CATs (Angelo and Cross, 1993) within the Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide at the University of Wisconsin are succinct, self-contained, self-instructional, web-based modules that introduce a broadly applicable technique for use in college or university Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (SMET) courses.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Tests
In a 1994 issue of Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, Lawrence Rudner gives an excellent list of guidelines to use when considering any published instrument.

ERIC/AE Test Locator
If you are looking for an assessment test or instrument, this is the place to start, with information on thousands of instruments.

National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) Sourcebook of Assessment Information
If you are looking for a published test or rubric assessing critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills, this is the place to look, with full descriptions and analyses of a plethora of published instruments. NPEC is now planning to expand this site to include instruments assessing other skills.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
Provides balanced information concerning educational assessment, evaluation and research methodology and resources to encourage the responsible use of educational data


The Portfolio Clearinghouse
The American Association for Higher Education’s Portfolio Clearinghouse is a searchable collection of portfolio projects from around the world.

The Kalamazoo Portfolio: Reflections, Connections, Life
An easy-to-use collection of readings on student portfolios

Creating Electronic Portfolios
A good summary of the reasons for creating and using electronic portfolios.

Webfolio Workshop
Resources from Northern Illinois University supporting those beginning to create online options for supporting, extending, measuring, documenting, and transforming learning.

Southern Illinois University Evanston
SIUE's Wing Portfolio Assessment Project
Describes the contents, uses, and benefits of using portfolios to assess student learning.

University of Lethbridge Lethbridge, Alberta
A Guide to the Development of Professional Portfolios in the Faculty of Education with guidelines to organizing plans and appendices with references and recommended reading.

NWREL Bibliographies - Portfolios
A comprehensive annotated bibliography on portfolio assessment

Portfolio Assessment
ERIC citations on portfolio assessment

Electronic Portfolios
An overview of electronic portfolios