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An apartment complex can house 40 tenants. The landlord has come up with a list of the expected number of tenants based on the rent. Given the table shown below, answer questions 1 and 2.

Rent ($) Number of Tenants
0 40
100 30
200 20
300 10
400 0
  1. If the rent is free, how many tenants are there in the building.
    30 0 40 not enough information

  2. Based on this table, what would you expect the rent to be if there are 23 tenants?
    150 170 130 230

  3. Determine the interval of scale for the number line shown below.
    500 8000 16000 2000

Given the following bar graph, answer questions 4–6.

  1. What is the ratio of the first week’s pay to the second week’s pay?
    5/4 2/1 3/2 2/3

  2. What is the difference, in dollars, between the biggest to smallest paycheck?
    125 75 150 100

  3. By what percent did the pay increase from week 3 to week 4? Round to the nearest tenth.
    28.6 30.5 20.0 22.4

Using the circle graph which displays the percentage of US Imports in 1993, answer questions 7–9.

  1. Approximately, what is the ratio of Capital Goods to Petroleum?
    4/1 3/1 3/2 5/2

  2. What portion of the import economy makes up about 1/4 of the US Imports?
    Industrial Supplies and Material Other
    Capital Goods and Petroleum combined Capital Goods

  3. The combination of Petroleum, Industrial Supplies and Materials, and Capital Goods is approximately what percent of the import economy?
    45% 52% 60% 58%

Based on the bar graph below, answer questions 10–11.

  1. How many companies have shipped over $20,000 worth of products, while they have received less than $10,000 worth of products?
    2 1 0 4

  2. Of the five companies shown on the graph, how many of them shipped less than they received?
    0 3 2 5

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